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Tabasco Roosje Oleksandr Stella Poeshkin
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Click here for more pictures This is my dear "Mi Jauw" who has been missing since 05-09-2002 and we are still looking for him.
I don't think I will ever give up. On the day of his disappearance he was almost 3 years old.

We found him (5 weeks old) together with his sister Roosje in the garden of our house in Athens, Greece. As we could not leave two small babies there alone, I took them home to Holland by plane.

Although Mi Jauw is not a pedigree, he has many of the features of a Russian Blue, including the character. He is very sweet, loves to play with pellets and is really my "buddy". He follows me everywhere and loves to sit on my lap.



Click here for more pictures And this is "Roosje" sister to Mi Jauw. Roosje is our other Greek Kitty. She was very sad after Mi Jauw disappeared. The first three days she only cried and for months she acted very strangely. She will be 9 years in September 2008.

Roosje is a real woman with all her moods. She loves to be the boss over the guys but she is also a very sweet kitty. She used to sleep with Mi Jauw in their own room at night until he went missing. Then we found out that she doesn't like to be alone, so now she shares with Poeshkin.

We wonder if she sees any resemblance between Mi Jauw and Poeshkin as she really chose him to be her friend.
She has two very nice hobbies. In summer, very proudly, she brings home one earthworm after the other, which of course, makes me very happy!! And she loves to join my husband in the Sauna!



Click here for more pictures Our oldest kitty at the moment is "Stella". She will be 17 years in July 2008. We got her when she was 6 weeks old, instead of a red one we had chosen, who unfortunately did not make it. She was the second lady to enter the house after Punka.

Stella is a kitty with a very bad stomach which gives her a lot of problems. She is very particular about her food and eats only a little at a time. She is, however, crazy about Greek yoghurt!

Stella is a very independent kitty, who prefers to be on her own. She is at her best when none of the other kitties are around, or are asleep. And when my husband is away she sleeps with me on the bed, on top of his pillow. Then she feels like a Princess!



Click here for more pictures The guy you see here is our "Tabasco". We also call him Bassie or Tabby. On 26-04-2008 he will be 7 years old. He is a very sweet kitty who loves to eat, which is very obvious looking at him.

Tabasco has been like a father to Poeshkin, who at 12 weeks joined our family. He taught him all the "kitty tricks" and eating, of course. They play together a lot, sometimes very roughly, but they do love each other. It's funny because when Bassie came to live with us, he in turn, was educated by Mi Jauw.

When Bassie wakes up in the morning he first eats and then goes out until late afternoon. He loves to be outside and actually just comes home to eat, sleep or play with Poeshkin. He has a very good character. He is a real "goody".



Click here for more pictures This is our baby "Poeshkin". He was born on 30-09-2002 and is a pedigree Russian Blue. We did not only lose Mi Jauw but also a Russian Blue, so we were very lucky to find Poeshkin.

He is absolutely "over-active". He either plays or sleeps. We describe him as: batteries full or batteries empty. He is very flexible, has the speed of light and loves to play. Actually the whole world is his playground. He loves to play with Bassie but can also entertain himself very well and if he has no toy/game he makes one up himself. No problem.

When he has done something naughty, he rolls over onto his back, lifts his front legs and puts on his angelface. Mostly that's a sign that he has done something wrong. He is a handful but... Oh so sweet!

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Click here for more pictures "Oleksandr" is the latest addition to our family. He was born on 22-02-2006 and is our 3rd pedigree Russian Blue boy.
As we felt sorry for Poeshkin that non of the other kitties had the energy to play with him all day we decided to give him a playmate.

At first their relationship was not so good though, I think Poeshkin was jealous, something I never expected to happen. Fortunately now everything is perfect and they play a lot together and break down the house.

Oleks, like we cal him, is a very sweet boy with a will of his own. He has three big interests in life: to play,  to play  and  to play!!!
His favorite toys are shoelaces and mice but actually he plays with everything he sees. He also "steals" all kind of articles, my list of missing items still grows daily; decorations in the house, lighters and not to forget batteries. He even steals them from the loader. Nothing is safe for him but when you look at his angelic face you can only smile. He is the clown of the house.

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Click here for more pictures Also take a look at our neighbourhood strays in Athens, Greece.
(At this same place we found in 1999 our babies Roosje and Mi Jauw).
With money we received for our wedding anniversary a few years back we spayed and neutered most of them.
4 of them became our "House Cats" : Peppi, Pica, Dori and Misty Gri. Are they not beautiful?
Actualy my Sister-in-law takes care of them as we are most of the time in Holland. She is as crazy for cats as we are.



Click here for more pictures "Igor" is our second pedigree Russian Blue. He was born on 31-01-1999 and we took him from a Shelter. He is rather huge in comparison with Poeshkin and he is a beautiful and very sweet guy.

So far we experienced that he loves to drink water from the tap. This actually is a problem as my Cats are not allowed on the countersink but the way it looks I have lost that battle.

Also he is very good in opening doors, so at night he sleeps with Poeshkin (my other door opener) in a bedroom without handle on the door. He has adjusted very well with the other babies.

Wednesday 15-06-2005 Is another black day in my life. Last thursday Igor started vomiting so on Friday I took him to the Vet. All kind of bloodtest, photo's and scans gave the diagnose on Monday evening: "Lymfoom". They determined that he was in a far advanced stage of cancer with tumors on his stomach, liver and kidneys. My poor sweet baby died two days later. I'm still crying my eyes out.
Sweet sweet Igor we miss you so much.... and so does your playmate Poeshkin. We were so happy to welcome you in our house and now this....... This is so unfair. We had so little time together but we loved you so much.



Click here for more pictures Our multicolored "Punka" was a miracle lady. She died in January 2002 at the age of: 24!! Until her last days she was in perfect health and even the doctor, during her examinations, could not believe how old she was.

Punka was not just a kitty, she was part of the family. Children growing up, good times, bad times, illnesses, whatever we recall, Punka witnessed it all. She was the absolute Queen of the house, in charge of all the other kitties and doing her own thing. She ate almost anything, but her favorite food was fish, any kind of fish.

She did not play much, but loved to be outside, and she was known in the whole neighborhood.
Our dear Punka. Although she died at a very respectable age we still miss her very much. We lost our "Queen".




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